Continuous Deployment using just Netlify

How to set up deployment of a Record Collector site using only Netlify.

I was very happy to notice that the Netlify build-image now has the .NET 6.0.100 SDK installed.

For Record Collector this means that you can get deploys done where Netlify pulls from a Git repository and does the build.

So no need to handle API keys and an external build agent any more.

You just use the built-in Netlify features to give access to your Git repository when adding your site.

Paths to use in configuration

First go to and add or find your site. Find the section for Build & deploy and add an Environment variable. Set the key ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT and value to Netlify.

This means the config used will come from appsettings.Netlify.json and this is how I've configured the sample site in that file.

  "AppSettings": {
    "SiteUrl": "",
    "ContentRootPath": "/opt/build/repo/content/demo-site/",
    "StaticSiteRootPath": "/opt/build/repo/artifacts/static-site/",
    "FrontendSetup": "default",
    "ViewPrefix": "",
    "SectionsToExcludeFromLists": [ "pages", "sidor" ],
    "MainNavigationSections": [ "pages", "sidor" ],
    "PaginationPageCount": 2,
    "PaginationPageSize": 3

Build settings in Netlify

These are settings that work well with the sample site.

Setting Value
Base directory Leave empty
Build command npm ci && npm run prodbuild && dotnet test ./src/Krompaco.RecordCollector.Generator/Krompaco.RecordCollector.Generator.csproj --logger "console;verbosity=detailed"
Publish directory artifacts/static-site/
Builds Activate builds

You should also be able to push a Shell script and have more work done, for example setting up a specific dotnet SDK version or do more frontend related things before generating the static site. The build-image has support for a wide variety of languages and runtimes.

If you use "FrontendSetup": "simplecss", you can remove the the two npm commands and just have dotnet test ./src/Krompaco.RecordCollector.Generator/Krompaco.RecordCollector.Generator.csproj --logger "console;verbosity=detailed" as Build command.

Netlify Status

This is such a great feature and really excited that it works this well with Record Collector! Thank you Netlify!

Johan Kronberg

Johan Kronberg